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Areas of Expertise

Our engineers and programmers specialize in advanced PLC applications, particularly in the areas of high-speed or complex control.

The majority of our designs are based around the Allen Bradley or Siemens family of products, but we also work with Mitsubishi, Modicon, Toshiba, ABB and others

CTI specializes in machine and line control solutions for the two-piece metal container food and beverage industry.

Our team has been providing machine control panels and worldwide startup assistance to the can line industry for over 20 years.


About Our


So you want to be a systems integrator !

There are numerous groups using the term systems integrator, from automation manufacturers and distributors to contractors and consultants, from defense contractors to the makers of pens and paper. All have a different definition of what constitutes a systems integrator. Here is what the wiseGeek says.

In general, a system integrator takes a problem that has a set of general requirements and provides an integrated solution to that problem. It could include a set of mechanical components, electrical components or both.

An electrical control systems integrator provides an electrical/programming solution that can include final project engineering, documentation, procurement of hardware, development of custom software, installation, testing, and commissioning.

Let’s add just one more term – independent. Sort of like politics, not right wing, not left wing. An independent electrical control systems integrator is different from industrial automation hardware suppliers, resellers, distributors and others that have a vested interest in specific products they represent. The professional independent integrator can provide an unbiased value-added engineering solution.

Control Technology International (CTI) is an independent electrical control systems integrator.