Schematic Design

Distributed I/O

AB 1794 Flex I/O

Distributed architectures offer significant benefits over traditional centralized control including less wiring, enhanced system reliability, reduced field installation time and associated costs. CTI designs incorporate the use of distributed I/O.

Distributed I/O modules are connected to the main PLC via a single cable and can communicate over various protocols including Ethernet, Devicenet and Profibus.


Electrical Control
Systems Design


Designed by engineers who have been in the field

 Metal Stamping PressControl Technology prides itself on designs that have built-in field experience. Our engineering comes from dedicated professionals who have spent many years in plants, starting up equipment. We can avoid many problems associated with electrical noise, proper grounding and component reaction time, to mention just a few.

What does this mean for you the customer? It means a quicker startup time with improved reliability.

We work with equipment such as metal stamping presses that require designs to insure operator safety. Emergency stop circuits must be continuously monitored to prevent any single fault from posing a danger. Guards must be checked and locked to prevent personnel access to moving parts while the machine is in operation. Proper safety design requires a combination of discrete safety relays coordinated with PLC inputs, outputs and the program. CTI has knowledgeable engineers to design a safe reliable control system.