PLC Ladder Programming

High Speed Applications

Control applications requiring a response time of 1/1000 of a second or less.

A lot of 3rd party “black boxes” were developed in the early years of PLCs. The programmable controllers were not fast enough to handle millisecond response times required to control high speed applications. CTI excels at developing software programs to replace these 3rd party devices.

Now the logic can be implemented with “off-the-shelf” PLC hardware components from Siemens and Allen-Bradley. No longer do you have to purchase and support these one of a kind type items. CTI has developed high speed program solutions for can decorators, light testers and inside spray machines.




Bringing the Control
Schematic to Life

The PLC program not only provides control of all the motors, switches, gates and valves on the machine, but provides communications to the operator. Operator communication is often provided by an HMI screen. Although the HMI has a separate program, the diagnostics and alarming originates in the PLC.

A plant reporting system might also be collecting information from the PLC. Production counts and operating efficiency must be processed by the program to insure accurate information is fed to the data collection network.

PLC Programming ServicesThe PLC must be programmed to work seamlessly with safety hardware defined in the control schematic. There are many tradeoffs between hardware and software solutions. It takes an experienced engineer to make sure the final solution is both a safe and efficient one.

CTI software engineers are experienced in both hardware and software design.