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Network Protocols

Fieldbus is a generic term for the communications technology used in production plants for connecting automation devices such as field instruments, actuators and remote IO to controlling devices such as PLCs. Two of the largest automation manufactures, Siemens and Rockwell (Allen Bradley), have competing fieldbus technologies. Profibus and Profinet vs. DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP. Each supported by quasi-independent organizations.

Siemens introduced Profibus-DP in 1994. Allen Bradley introduced DeviceNet in the same year. Both companies have since added their Ethernet solutions. Although both Ethernet networks use the same medium, they use two completely different protocols or methods of communication. Profinet will not talk to Ethernet/IP.


Startup & Training


Up and Running, On Time and On Budget

Control Panel Design and TestingCTI engineers and technicians are available for startup support. We can design, program, support and commission control systems. Much of the design and programming of our panels comes from lessons learned in the field. Our experienced personnel will provide the support required to get your line up and running, on time and on budget.

The multitude of communications protocols makes startup tasks even more challenging. There are various PLCs and distributed I/O that must talk to each other. Not only do we make use of the manufacturer’s technical staff, but we network among our own engineers to get answers to difficult questions. Rarely is there an item that one of our team members has not seen.

Custom PLC TrainingOver the last 20 years we have commissioned machines in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. We can also train your electricians on the proper operation of the newly installed equipment.

After the system is up and running, we have not forgotten how important continued support is to the success of your business. We will respond quickly to your requests, via email or phone.